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Sotoda Saifi specialises in Yoga, Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. Sotoda Left the War Town country Afghanistan at 2 years old. Growing up, she had an interest in Science and went on to study Biological Science and completed her Masters in Biomedical Science.

She pursued a career in Teaching A level students for 4 years, however,

was unhappy in her job. She suffered from work related stress, pressure and mundane routine which manifested into Anxiety and Burnout.

Sotoda refused to suppress her symptoms of Stress and Anxiety with medication and the likes of anti-depressants.

She embarked on a journey to find ways to control her feelings and came across the teachings of meditation and spirituality from Vedic and Sufi Islamic sources such as the historic mystics like Kabeer, Rumi and Al-Gazali who famously wrote The Alchemy of Happiness.

She began to practise the Art of Stillness and Mindfulness, which she learned from the Yogi Mystic Sadhguru in London.

After her journey had started into a Higher consciousness and pursued in the practise of Yoga by travelling to several sacred places in India. Including Varanasi and the Himalayan regions, Rishikesh.

After coming back to the UK, Sotoda decided to share her knowledge and experience with others and became a licensed Hypnotherapist to further develop her expertise in reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Now she offers one to one hypnosis sessions in the Heart of London, Harley street and conducts meditation events across London. The guided meditations include: Energy clearing, Inner child healing, Forgiveness, healing your relationship with self and others, dealing with Stress and 

Anxiety, Self esteem and confidence, Trauma release and chakra balancing with Kundalini Yoga.

She is also a public speaker at events such Single Parents' Hub and Hope Spring Eternal, to help people who are struggling mentally, emotionally and financially, dealing with the stresses of everyday life, which hinder them from living their lives fully.