Creating Healthy 

Boundaries Course

  End Compulsive People-Pleasing

& Create Authentic Connections


 Lesson 1 - What are Boundaries!

 Lesson 2- Why We Lose Touch With Our Boundaries

                     & Fear setting them

                     WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK &

                      Core emotional patterns that create poor boundaries

 Lesson 3- Types of Boundaries

                     Saying "Yes" & "NO"

Lesson 4- What are healthy boundaries

                    Rigid and Porous Boundaries

                    Identify your Boundaries

                    Intentional Boundaries 

Lesson 5- Boundary Communication


Lesson 6- Dealing with Objections and Resistance 

Lesson 7- Compassion 

Lesson 8- Consequences & Self Boundaries 

Lesson 9- Nourishing your Soul

Setting Boundaries Course



Boundaries Course

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