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Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Sotoda Saifi

Creating Healthy 

Boundaries & Intimacy in Relationships


What is included in the course

 Lesson 1 - Introduction

                     What are Boundaries

 Lesson 2- Why are we afraid to set Clear Boundaries? 

WHAT is HOLDing us BACK? 

What emotional patterns do we have that create poor boundaries?


 Lesson 3- Saying "Yes" & "NO"

Lesson 4- What makes Boundaries healthy 


                    Types of Boundaries                    

                    Rigid and Porous Boundaries

                    Identify your Boundaries

                    Intentional Boundaries 

Lesson 5- How to set clear Boundaries and 

                    Communicate them with confidence 


Lesson 6- Dealing with Objections and Resistance 

Lesson 7- Compassion 

Lesson 8- Consequences & Self Boundaries 

Lesson 9- Nourishing your Soul

Who should take the Course 

This course is for anyone who feels like they are taken advantage of, other people don't seem to respect them or their needs. Anyone who finds it difficult to be assertive and vulnerable, or anyone who wants to learn more about boundaries and improve their relationships. 

Once we learn what boundaries are and how we can set them, without anger and resentment, we find that others actually do want to respect us and meet our needs. 

Setting Boundaries Course



Boundaries Course

What do I do after registration?

After you have registered you will receive a link with a password to access all the videos and documents needed to complete the course.

In case you do not receive the email, please email me on [email protected] and I will be more than happy to assist you.

I am exited for you to start.

Much Love

Sotoda xx