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balancing your energies


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We all have energetic centres in the body called Chakras. There are 7 main chakras in the body. If balanced we become healthier, happier and more in tune with ourselves and others.


Each chakra is a wheel-like vortex spinning in a circular motion within the body. This forms a vacuum  in a centre that draws in energy in a vibratory level. It can draw in colour vibration, energy and emotions of people that we come in contact with. They don't only draw in energy, they also radiate energy and govern different organs and glands connected to other body parts that resonate of the same frequency. 

If one chakra become out of balance, it may affect the organ or gland that is connected to. Also the chakras near them also get out of sink because of a chain reaction and many bodily imbalances. Chakras are out of sink when they are overactive, under active or blocked. This is always felt on a physical, mental or emotional level. 

The benefits of learning about and energising our chakras are for harmony of mind, body and spirit. Your mind alone can not nurture your whole being, a healthy food diet also cannot solve all your problems. It's through your chakras that you can learn to balance all of you bringing you into a healthier state of consciousness. 

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1. Root chakra 

The first chakra the Root chakra and it is located at the base of the spine or Perineum. This Chakra is related to the spine, bladder and adrenal gland. Flight or flight response and family patterns are stored in that area. Fear and feeling unsafe blocks this chakra. Signs of physical blockages are constipation and fatigue.Our connection to the earth, material reality, survival, physical strength, vitality, the blood of life, sexuality, the spine, the pelvis, rectum, legs, bones, feet, immune system, nervous system, emotional/mental health. Genital organs and adrenals; bones and skeletal structure, coccygeal vertebrae, some kidney, bladder and excretory functions, skin.

when unbalanced

Excessive energy: Egotistic, domineering, greedy, addicted to wealth, indiscriminate use of

sexual energy, nervous sexual energy

Deficient Energy: Lack of confidence, no grounded in physical reality, weak, can’t achieve

goals, self destructive, feeling unloved or abandoned

Illnesses: Chronic lower back pain, sciatica, varicose viens, rectal tumors/cancer,

depression, immune-related disorders, constipation, diarreha, urinary

tract infections, cold hands/feet, kidney stones, irrational fears, financial


When balanced

When the root chakra is balanced there is a feeling of safety, worries fade away.

Centered, grounded, healthy, fully alive, unlimited physical energy, manifesting abundance, master of oneself.


Foods that help balance this chakra are beetroot, pomegranate and apples

How to balance the root chakra 

Ear red fruits and veg, for example red apples. 

Stop eating unhealthy foods



I am safe

I am grounded

I trust the process of life 

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2. Sacral chakra 

Ability to express feelings, through which you can sense others’ feelings the water element in the physical body, the sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, hip, bladder, the lymphatic system, the mammary glands, and eliminative organs, the emotions, passion,

feelings, imagination

Gland: Ovaries in women and testes in men

Physical organ:  Part of kidney system, intestines; some aspects of reproductive system, including the womb; bladder; prostate; sacral vertebrae and nerve plexus; the neurotransmitters determining emotional responses to stimuli. 


When unbalanced

Excessive Energy: Emotionally explosive, aggressive, overly ambitious, manipulative, caught

up in illusion, overindulgent, self serving, obsessive thoughts of sex, see people as sex objects.

Deficient Energy: Extremely shy, timid, immobilised by fear, overly sensitive, self-negating,

resentful, buried emotions, burdened by guilt, distrustful, clinging, guilty

about sex, difficult conceiving, abused, frigid or impotent

Illnesses: Chronic lower back pain, gynaecological problems, pelvic/low

back pain, sexual potency, urinary problems

When balanced

Friendly, optimistic, concerned for others, sense of belonging, creative, imaginative, intuitive, attuned to your own feelings, sense of humour.. 


Orange coloured, beans, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, sweet fruit, tropical fruit.

How to balance the sacral chakra: 

Jumping, Singing, Laughing, express yourself creatively, identify sexual blockages, crystals-jasper, orange carnelian, learn how to love and care for your body, aromatherapy-orange, bergamot oil.


I am sensual

I am creative

I can feel my sexual energy 

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2. Solar Plexus

Relates to: Personal power, individual expression in the earth, the ability to ‘digest

life’, the fire element, the conscious (waking) mind, self-image, digestive

organs, diaphragm, the breath, solar plexus

Emotional focus: Fears, doubt, and other feelings affecting self-esteem

Endocrine Gland: Pancreas

Physical organs: Pancreatic system, all digestive organs in the stomach area, including the

liver, spleen, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas and parts of kidney system;

lumbar vertebrae and solar plexus.

Issues with: Trust, fear, intimidation, self esteem, self confidence, self respect, care if

oneself and others, responsibility for making decisions, sensitivity to criticism, personal honour. 

when unbalanced

Excessive Energy: Judgemental, workaholic, perfectionist, overly intellectual, demanding,

resentful of authority, a need for drugs to relax, superiority complex

Deficient Energy: Depressed, lack of confidence, worry about what others think, confused,

feeling that others control your life, poor digestion, afraid of being alone,

need constant reassurance, jealous, distrustful

Illnesses: Arthritis, gastric ulcers, colon/intestinal problems, pancreatitis, diabetes,

indigestion, chronic or acute, anorexia or bulimia, liver dysfunction,

hepatitis, adrenal dysfunction, constipation.

When balanced

Outgoing, cheerful, self respect, respect for others, strong sense of

personal power, have found your gift, able to digest life, able to digest

food, skilful, intelligent, relaxed, spontaneous, expressive, take on new

challenges, enjoy physical activity, enjoy good food. 


Banana, Corn, Lemon, Oats

How to balance the solar plexus 

Get out in the sun more 

Wear yellow clothes 

Stop seeing yourself as a 'victim', start seeing yourself as empowered. 

Set goals and intentions

Set clear boundaries with others 

Do something fun and make time for yourself


I am powerful 

I have willpower

I manifest my vision

I attract wealth and abundance 

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4. heart chakra  

Relates to: Transition, the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, change,

healing, the heart – the centre of all physical and spiritual life, the lungs,

circulatory system, ribs, breasts, shoulders, arms, hands, diaphragm, the

immune system, selfless love

Emotional focus: Emotions in relationship; all feelings related to love, such as gratitude

Spiritual concern: Connection to the Divine

Gland: Thymus and lymph

Physical organs: Heart, lungs, circulatory and oxygenated systems, breasts, lumbar,

thoracic vertebrae, cardiac nerve plexus

Issues with: Love, hatred, resentment, bitterness, grief, anger, self-centeredness, loneliness, commitment, forgiveness, compassion, hope and trust. 

when unbalanced

Excessive Energy: Demanding, overly critical, possessive, moody, martyr complex, loves

conditionally, withholds love or generosity, melodramatic, hyper-tension (especially tension between shoulder blades

Deficient Energy: Paranoid, indecisive, fear of letting go, fear of being hurt, fear of being

free, fear of being abandoned, feelings of unworthiness in love, needing

constant reassurance

Illnesses: Congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction (heart attack), mitral valve

prolapse, cardiomegaly, asthma/allergy, lung cancer, bronchial

pneumonia, upper back, shoulder pain and breast cancer.

Balanced Energy: 

Physically and emotionally balanced, quality of nurturing, compassion,

empathy, friendliness, active in the community, discriminating mind,

humanitarian, able to see good on others, able to surrender in a love

relationship, healthy use of will power.


Green foods, kale, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, celery, grapes, green peppers, apples, kiwi, avocado.

How to balance the heart 

Go forest bathing- immerse yourself in nature

Self love meditation

Do shadow work


I love and approve of myself 

I am enough

I am worthy of being loved 

I open my heart

I am vulnerable 

I ask for what I want in my relationships

I give and receive love easily and equally

I give love without fear and expectation 

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5. throat chakra

Relates to: Communication, speaking, perception, listening, ears, throat, thyroid,

trachea, oesophagus, parathyroid, hypothalamus, neck vertebrae, mouth, jaw, teeth, nerves, muscles, musical, artistic expression, desire for spiritual development. 

Emotional focus: Expression of all emotions, especially in relation to self-responsibility

Spiritual concern: Sharing divine guidance

Gland: Thyroid

Physical organ: Thyroid and parathyroid glands, larynx and laryngeal nerve plexus, mouth

and auditory systems, mouth, throat, ears, lymph and lymphatic system, thoracic vertebrae

Issues with: Choice, strength of will, personal expression, following one’s dream,

using personal power to create, addiction, judgement and criticism, faith and acknowledge, capacity to make decisions. 

when unbalanced

Excessive Energy: Self righteous, overly talkative, dogmatic or overly religious, addictive

tendencies, dominating – sexually and otherwise

Deficient Energy: Timid, overly quiet, inconsistent, unreliable, loses track of time, devious,

inability to express well, conflicts between sex and religion, nervous.

Illnesses: Raspy throat, chronic sore throat, mouth ulcers, gum problems, joint problems, scoliosis, laryngitis, swollen glands, thyroid problems.

Balanced Energy: 

Contentment, centred in the present, good sense of timing (can be a

good speaker), awareness of time, pleasant voice, good communicator,

musically or artistically inspired, expressive and prolific, understanding of

spiritual concepts, ability to meditate or experience Divine Energy, sexual

energy is used efficiently or may be channelled artistically.


Blueberries, blue raspberries, figs

How to balance the throat

Record your feelings in a journal

Practice screaming and laughing

Get a neck massage

Practice being assertive and saying 'No'


I speak the truth

I am authentic

I am limitless

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6. third eye chakra

Relates to: Clear sightedness, the bringing together of opposites (ida and pingala

unite at the point), inspiration, insight, telepathy, access to the Higher

Self , the pineal, pituitary, brain, ears, eyes, nose, realisation of full


Emotional focus: Feelings related to self-acceptance, such as self-love and self-awareness

Spiritual concern: Visioning

Gland: Pineal, Pituitary

Physical organs: Pituitary gland, medulla plexus and parts of the hypothalamus, visual systems, the left eye in particular, memory storage, some aspects of the ears and sinuses

Issues with: Self-evaluation, truth, intellectual abilities, feelings of adequacy,

openness to the ideas of others, ability to learn from experience and emotional intelligence

when unbalanced

Excessive Energy: Proud, religiously dogmatic, tyrannical, demonic

Deficient Energy: Non-assertive, undisciplined, weak-willed, extreme sensitivity to the

feelings (energy) of others, afraid of success, schizophrenic

Illnesses: Brain tumour/ haemorrhage/ stroke, neurological disturbances,

blindness/deafness, full spinal difficulties, seizures.

When balanced

Balanced Energy: Charismatic, open to guidance, not afraid of death, not attached to

material things, can experience telepathy, past lives or astral travel, self fulfilled, can be celibate, may have experienced Cosmic Consciousness


Purple potatoes, blackberries, plums, black berries.

How to balance the third eye

Open your mind

Prayer & Meditation

Practice self-enquiry and reflect on your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. 


I see the truth

I am the observer of my emotions

I am guided by my perfect intuition

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7. crown chakra

Relates to: Intuitive knowing, connection to one's spirituality, integration of the Highest self, wisdom, wholeness, oneness, surrender to All That Is, cosmic energy, transmutation, of energy into matter, or matter into energy, pituitary, pineal, nervous system, brain

Emotional focus: Related to spiritual nature

Spiritual concern: Oneness with Divine, psychic gift or ability to sense divine


Gland: Pituitary

Physical organs: Pineal gland, upper skull and cerebral cortex, parts of the hypothalamus,

higher learning and cognitive brain systems, parts of immune system, the

right eye

Issues with: Ability to trust life, values, ethics and courage, humanitarianism,

selflessness, ability to see the larger picture/pattern, faith and inspiration, spirituality and devotion. 

when unbalanced

Excessive Energy: Constant sense of frustration, unrealised power, psychotic, frequent migraine headaches, destructive, sexual expression ranges from passionate to distant

Deficient Energy: Loss or lack of joy, catatonic, complete inability to make decisions,


Physical Dysfunction: mystical depression, diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system

and the skin, chronic exhaustion not associated with physical ailments,

sensitivity to light, sound, environment

Illnesses: Energetic disorders, mystical depression, chronic exhaustion that is not

linked to a physical disorder, extreme sensitivities to light, sound, and

other environmental factors.

When balanced

Open to the Divine, able to work miracles, can transcend the laws of

nature, access to the unconscious and subconscious, realisation of

immortality, awareness of death

How to balance the crown

Meditate, meditate, meditate!

Commit yourself to a daily spiritual practice.

Practice the power of prayer. 

Trust your gut feeling

Question and detach from your thought.


I am one with everything

I surrender

I am peace

I am bliss 

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