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Balance feminine

Arwa Khanafer

Self healing &

empowerment coach

Arwa is a self healing and empowerment coach

who has dedicated her career to help people heal from within. As she began her healing journey in early 2016 she realised that all she was looking for lied within herself. She felt the calling to explore the spiritual teaching and share her knowledge. She travelled to India to learn and understand more about her true self and completed her 500h Yoga Teacher Training Course. She is also experienced in different life transforming modalities, such as Mahatma, Theta Healing and The Journey, that she merges to reach a deeper healing and transformation in once life.

Sotoda Abdulsattar

Hypnotherapist & coach    

Sotoda is a licensed hypnotherapist and transformational life coach with experience working with women and families struggling with anxiety and trauma. She uses several modalities of healing such as EFT, NLP, breathwork, quantum healing, emersons and activations in her 1:1 sessions, which are especially designed to help heal the root of childhood and generational trauma by teaching how to release it from your subconscious mind.  

Childhood trauma affects over 70% of adults. The consequences are high, ranging from physical illness to mental health issues. Sotoda's online courses teach people how to heal childhood trauma, create healthy boundaries and cultivate true self love using simple psychology techniques, at their own pace. It's been used successfully to help people with PTSD, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and negative thoughts, among other things. Sotoda's work focuses on providing the best tools on how to live a free, authentic, and happy life.

Sotoda is the founder of Self Love School and is now offering a Hypnotherapy & Coaching Certification Program for those who are ready to take their coaching business to another level. 

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Balance feminine

Saturday 16th Oct

2pm Sotoda- what is feminine energy + mother wound and womb healing meditation

3.15pm Break

3.30pm Arwa -embrace your own feminine and masculine energy

Sunday 17th Oct

2pm Arwa- Intuition

3.15pm Break

3.30pm Sotoda- feminine energy in relationships + intimacy meditation

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you: 

  • feel a block in your love life
  • block in your health and life force energy
  • may be experiencing physical pain in your body
  • are tired of overworking or overthinking
  • find yourself people pleasing
  • feeling anxious and unworthy
  • have feelings of shame and guilt
  •  are co dependant, which means that your happiness depends on someone else’s behaviour
  • lack boundaries and you find it hard to say NO
  • feel self conscious
  • have the need to constantly apologise or over explain themselves
  • allow men to use you
  • can’t speak up for yourself
  • compare yourself to others
  • are disconnected from your heart and body
  • feel undeserving of receiving love, gifts or compliments
  • are guarded and keep people at a distance to ‘protect’ yourself
  • have trust issues

This course guarantees to help you:

  • Connect with your heart
  • Honour your feelings
  • Release the tension from your body
  • Stop feeling guilty
  • Stop people pleasing
  • Forgive your mother if she hurt you
  • Forgive your father if he hurt you
  • Believe that you are deserving of love
  • Allow yourself to receive
  • Recognise when you are in your masculine energy & learn to quickly drop back into your feminine
  • Speak your authentic truth

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Balance feminine

*Prices will be £115 on the 10Th October 2021, 12pm GMT+1