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I am going share with you 50 Powerful ways to Show yourself that you care and Love yourself in 2020.

If you use this guide to implement these tools, you will experience a dramatic change in your life.

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Free Forgiveness Hypnosis 

When we forgive another, we truly set ourselves free. 

Free from Anger and resentment, free from envy and unworthiness.

We find that our need for approval only comes from ourselves and we dive into self Love and Confidence. 

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Free Morning Meditation

A 15 Minutes guided meditation to Start your day full of energy and feel more alive!

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Free PDF - What are Chakras and how to balance them.

If one chakra become out of balance, it may affect the organ or gland that is connected to. Also the chakras near them also get out of sink because of a chain reaction and many bodily imbalances. Chakras are out of sink when they are overactive, under active or blocked. This is always felt on a physical, mental or emotional level. 

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Release Stress and Tension with this Short Hypnosis Session

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