Lesson 1

What are Boundaries! 

Are you tired of trying to please others all the time?

Are you ready to stop people pleasing?

Do you want become your authentic self?

If you answered yes, then get ready for to grow, learn, and honour your true self and live the life you desire. 

To reach this goal, it is essential to master a key life skill: 

Setting Personal Boundaries.



1 Never


3 Occasionally



Putting other people's needs before your own

Afraid of saying 'No' 

Afraid of disappointing others

Saying 'Yes' to things that you don't want to

Avoid conflict

Avoid confrontation 

Finding it difficult to express your emotions vulnerably 

Finding it difficult to ask for what you want

Worrying about what other people think of you

Not being yourself around others

Letting other people tell you what you should and should not do

Letting other people dominate conversations

Afraid of being criticised 

Staying in harmful relationships 

Difficulty in trusting your intuition 

Hard time making decisions 

Focusing on helping others more than helping yourself 

Finding it difficult to stand up for yourself

Needing people to like you

If your answers are more 4's and 5's, it shows that you may have a problem with setting clear boundaries with others. 

These questions are meant to give you an overall picture. It gives you a chance to check in with yourself, see what you need to work on.

Having a clear vision of what in important to you, where you want to go, what you need, and who you are will help you lead to success and happiness. 

Having the courage to advocate for yourself means taking charge and standing up for yourself fearlessly. 

Instead of feeling stuck, you will feel free and empowered to decide the direction of your life.

Instead of pleasing other people, you will be fulfilling your own needs.

Instead of hiding your true authentic self, you will embrace your authenticity and live from a place of Love and your personal truth.

These kinds of goals are not just dreams, they are real possibilities that you can realise in your life and you're taking a big step towards that reality by being here. 

We will begin by identifying the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from setting healthy boundaries. 

Then, you will learn how to set boundaries with your intuition and intention, and how to communicate them with confidence. 

We will navigate challenges that can come up in boundary work, and how to handle these situations with grace and compassion. 

We will finish the course by going within and exploring self-boundaries that will free you from self-sabotage. This will create a new sense of wholeness and self-empowerment, so you can "be the change" and inspire others to stand in their own power.


Imagine that a member of your family arrives at your home uninvited or a colleague interrupts your work with inappropriate personal information. What if a neighbour plays very loud music late at night and that disrupts your sleep. 

These things can be annoying, but not too much of a big deal. However what happens when your family's unannounced visit invades your privacy and forces you to compromise your priorities? When your coworker's interruptions become habitual? Or when your neighbour's love for loud music becomes a nightly routine? What started off as a small irritation snowballs into a full-blown source of frustration.

This is when Setting personal boundaries comes in.

Personal boundaries are a defining line that clearly marks what is acceptable and what is NOT in your relationships. Boundaries protect you from physical and emotional harm by letting the other person know what you do and do not want and accept.

An example of a personal boundary for the above situations may be somethings like: 

1. Having a conversation with your family member and letting them know that they have to ask you for a convenient time for a visit before arriving uninvited.  

2. Letting your colleague know that you are busy and not interested in listening to gossip or her private information.

3. Asking your neighbour either play the music softer or at a different time, because the music is disturbing your sleep.

Before we end Lesson 1 I would like you to take a moment to acknowledge the great work you have done so far. You may have had conflicted feelings come up as we explored the types of boundaries you lac and need. Sometimes those feelings trigger fears and beliefs that hold us back from protecting ourselves. But you can free yourself from those feelings and embrace a whole new perspective.

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