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Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Sotoda Saifi

hypnotherapy healing anxiety

Develop your Character

With  Private Hypnotherapy & Coaching

10 Week Program To Healing Emotional Wounds 

& Create A Life You Love!

Creating Fulfilling Relationships!

Finding Your Purpose!

Be More Present!

The purpose of this special program is to help you heal on a deep subconscious level and create a life you love.

How does it work?

The Full Program duration is 10weeks.

What will you do in the 10 weeks?


1. Once you register for this program you will get started with the six  1:1 private hypnotherapy sessions, for which I will contact you by email or whatsapp to arrange a suitable time. 

Each session will be on Zoom and will last for 1 hour (+-15min) and we will work together on your individual struggles. During sessions we will work together to identify your subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs regarding relationships, communication, success, happiness and abundance. We will also get a clear picture of any stored emotional baggage, negative thought patterns, self-sabotage, procrastination or lack of clarity/purpose that exists within your life. I will develop a personalised program just for YOU so that you have a clear picture of all the core challenges you are facing and are we work to systematically dissolve these issues. We also dive into your needs, boundaries, conflict communication work, assertiveness training and more! I will adapt the program to meet your needs, and you will  a life-changing results within the first few sessions. Why? Because we address limitations where they truly matter – at the subconscious level. This is the key to real change and we can make this happen for you.

 You can arrange a minimum of 1 session a week & a maximum of 2 sessions per week depending on our availability and your individual needs.

2. Six Group Sessions-For the Healing Childhood & Family Generational trauma- We are live for the First Group Session on Saturday 5th June at 2pm Uk time and every Saturday after for 6 Weeks at 2pm.

Each session is 2.5hours

Weeks 1 - Healing Childhood Fear & Abandonment

Week 2 - Healing Childhood Shame & Guilt

Week 3 - Healing Anger & Forgiveness

Week 4 - Healing Mother's Generational Trauma

Week 5 - Healing Father's Generational Trauma

Week 6 - Healing your relationship with Money

Get more detail here

If you miss any sessions, you will still get access to the sessions if requested in advanced. 

3. After the 6 private 1:1 and group sessions completion ( over 6 weeks period) you will have 4 more weeks to do the remaining Courses and will have 24/7 email & whatsapp access, I will support you throughout the whole process. 

The Signature Courses include:

-6 Days to Self Love Online Course 

- Creating Healthy Boundaries and Building Intimacy in relationships

- Healing Childhood and Family Generational Trauma Course  (6 Group Sessions)

We will do lots of activities throughout & you will be fully guided & supported, so you have nothing to worry about.

You will have lifetime access to the above courses, so you can go back to for reference, if needed!

Treat your Life


I feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin. During the session my inner child fears and anger came up. Sotoda perfectly guided me to heal them. I now understand my body and am working towards healing myself. I now feel very self assured and look to find answers from within and follow my own intuition, which is something I struggled with a before. 

-Arwa, Dubai

7 days ago I did a Hypnotherapy session with Sotoda and I am still tingling from it. She has a gift of guiding you through a world beyond your consciousness, one that is present within yourself just waiting to be explored. Due to her warmth, I felt completely safe and open to be led towards a path that gave me so much energy and confidence. Thank you for sharing your gift. I am still benefitting from it. -Raksha Hoost, London

I’m so grateful to know Sotoda. The hypnotherapy sessions we had was so helpful. She opened my heart before my eyes, it was so beneficial from the fist session we had. A transformation happened to me, it feels like I can breath again. So much love for you. -Alaa, Lebanon

The hypnotherapist you work with must be someone you trust. I’ve (virtually) known Sotoda for a little under a year and from interacting with her and seeing how she treats her work with such love and care, I felt more than comfortable with choosing her as my hypnotherapist. The feeling after a session is subtle, but surreal. Depending on what you work on, you leave slightly amazed at what’s going on in your mind. Sotoda’s hypnotherapy really elevated my spiritual journey. She took me to some truths that I wasn’t ready to admit to on a conscious level, but was deep down ready to let go of. I attribute this to her experience and intuition, but also the way in which she really reads the person in front of her with an open mind and kind ears. You feel a transformation after doing a few sessions of hypnotherapy, but it’s a gentle one. You’re shedding beliefs that bring you to your truth and the light from within. It’s an avenue to get to know yourself at your essence as you create a distinction between your higher self and the stories of your ego.

Diana's blog, London

”I feel blessed that I have found Sotoda and the work she does. It has been a life changing experience for me. I feel I am getting back to my core being through Sotoda’s support and work.

Sotoda is not just helping me but my daughter, who will in turn, help her daughter when she is a mother. Thank you so much, Sotoda."

 -Rubi, London