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My session with Sotoda was really great. She is someone who is extremely patient, calm, understanding and very good at what she does. I underwent a guided meditation and answering some questions in regards to help me quitting smoking. Sotoda guided me deep into my subconscious mind, which showed me the unpleasant feeling and effects of smoking. After the session, I was full of energy, strength and will power for not smoking anymore. I am very grateful to Sotoda for her compassionate guidance, care and help.

Dr Jameel -London, UK

"Sotoda Saifi is a person who understands deeply the principles and spiritual techniques of healing at the subconscious level. My session involved dealing with an unresolved problem, involving childhood trauma which triggered repeated uncontrolled unpleasant memories. I emerged from the session refreshed, relieved and feeling alive. So far, I now do not experience the subconscious, automatic triggers, that lead to intense and unpleasant memories and behaviours. I have no hesitation in recommending her healing services."

Harry (Scientist and Project Manager) -London, UK

What our clients are saying

"The session with Sotoda Saifi was amazing! She is very sweet, calm, caring, intuitive, loving, and a knowledgable person . She helped me so much with gaining more insight into my spiritual journey! The session with her was exactly what I needed and I look forward to more sessions with her in the future. The wisdom I got from my higher self gave me a new perspective in life. It’s a life changing experience. Sotoda helped me discover my true self. Thank you"

Kate -London, UK

What our clients are saying

It was a pleasurable experience having a wonderful session with Sotoda, which was beneficial for my spiritual growth and life fulfilment. My life, as many other young working parents, is filled with never ending everyday tasks that have an impact on my overall life experience. The session I had with Sotoda gave me an opportunity to look back into my life and reflect,. After the session I felt that I have clearer sense of myself and my surroundings. She helped me look at my past decisions through a new perspective and this had a huge impact on my perception of my own identity. I enormously appreciate her work and believe that she can bring better changes in peoples' life.

N. S. -London, UK

What our clients are saying

It was an amazing session with Sotoda. I was guided into a deeper meditation where it took me to a deeper level of consciousness in my subconscious mind. I always wanted to have a session to meet my Higher self where I can connect deeper and have some questions answered. The wisdom I got from my higher self was beyond my imagination. Sotoda thank you for your gentle and compassionate guidance (Higher Self Hypnosis) / Life Coach - S.A 

Best Regards 

S.A. -London, UK

What our clients are saying

"When I went to my first session, I experienced something that I had never experienced before. I was able to connect with a part of my soul, I had never communicated with before. My session with Sotuda helped me open doors that were shut my whole life, allowing me to experience things I had not been aware of before. I felt like the changes I needed to make in my life in order to feel the happiness I deserve, were made so clear to me. I felt at ease and very comfortable to relax."

Mimi -London, UK

What our clients are saying

"Before entering my session with Sotoda there were many thoughts going through my head. After my session, I felt free and like I finally gained the sense of clarity I’ve been trying to seek. Since then, I feel like I finally let go of what no longer is serving me and I am at peace with my higher self. Thank you, Sotoda for all the love and light you put into this universe."

Gina - FL, USA